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Thursday, September 27, 2012


Hi Jammers! Today's the big day! Let's see the features of the update.
1. Day of the Phantoms is getting closer! Look at this cool picture that I got from Snowyclaw-

2. The new items! Leaf armor and a cute lil' picnic table!

3. And what we all have been waiting for...... the den winner! A super cute mushroom hut!

Congrats Eternal Spiritclaw and Rosy Fierystar! Hey, for all you Warrior fans, FIERYstar, FIREstar? Get it, get it? -facepalm for all of eternity-
Also, here is whatr it looks like in the den shop!

Whew! It's only 5,000 gems! Expensive, but not to bad!
3. Be sure to get a membership in September to get a pet monkey!

4. The Birthday Bash is still going on! Be sure to get to the party and enter the code!

5. There's a phantom Jam-A-Gram contest! Good luck!

6. Some new print-and-plays in Brady Barr's Workshop!

7. There is another T-Shirt ad.

8. Now, if you win a News Crew assignment, you get a pawsome plaque!

9. The Double Gems and Calander.

Enjoy the update!
Blog of the Day-
AOAJ Quick News- SpiritStar, our new pet, is no longer a puppy! She is now some sort of teenager? Ah, teens. Also, the blog has been spooookkkiiiiffiiieeeedddd!

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