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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Baby Palm Tree

Hi Jammers! I just found the new item the new item today,plus I found out a little secret! So, in club Geoz, on the outside there are three flags, and the middle one is checkered. but if you look at this picture, it has a fall branch!

Interesting, huh? I got these pictures from Tigerlily's blog! Her blog has been the Blog of the Day, but her's will be blog of the day again cuase she let me use this pic!
Today's new item is a baby palm tree in the Treetop gardens.

I was at a horse show all morning and afternoon, and at the time I originally posted, the new item hadn't come. :/
Also, AJHQ posted about the Penguins only party for a really weird reason.

And, there's a new icon next to the gem total icon. It's a notepad and pushpin! Iiiinnnnteresting.
Blog of the Day-
Gaming Tip of the Day- In Hedgehog, eat as many diamonds as you can find! They turn the phantoms into things you can eat! But only for a couple of minutes!


  1. Maybe the note and the Pushpin is for writin down important notes???? But I don't get why that would be important :\


    1. maybe you could write down what plushies you need, what rares you need, etc. i htink it's a good idea for a note pad!


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