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Sunday, September 2, 2012


Hi Jammers! To celebrate 1,000 views, most of you picked for me to do a contest! The prize will be- a plain fox toy, a mini frog plushie, a phantom in a cage, and a blue moon balloon! I will send the items to you if you are member, or trade them to you if you are nonmember. Here it goes!
1. Name the biomes of at least 4 lands
2. How Many Floors did the Chamber of Knowledge originally have?
3. What were the original pets?
4. What was the first member gift?
5. Name at least 4 servers and what they mean.
Good luck! P.S. I will be putting all comments that are entries under moderation so no one can cheat.
P.P.S Since most of you have all the questions right, the contest will be 2 rounds! All winners will get a Jam-A-Gram from me with a random word on it. When I post the contest, type the code and enter

1 comment:

  1. 1) Appondale- Grassland Mt. Shiveer- Tundra Temple of Zios- Rain Forest Sarepia Forest- Deciduous Forest
    2) Two
    3) Dog, Cat, Butterfly, Frog
    4) Gloves (Mummy, Legend, Lava, or Dragon)
    5) Kilimanjaro- Largest mountain in Africa. Rocky- Mountain Range in western North America. Congo- Deepest River in the world, located in Africa. Amur- Tenth longest river in the world.
    Make you next contest easier :P


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