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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Finally, A New Item!

Hey Jammers! Today I drove back from the super secret place where I was vacationing, so I have been on the road most of the day. Anyways, I bring great news!
Today we have a real, live, new item!

-------------------------------FASHION ALERT-------------------------------------------------------------
Anyways, I now have a speech to make.
Have any of you seen the "Support Small Buisnesses" ads? Well, when you think about it, Snowyclaw and LoveLost's blogs(when she used to post) are like McDonlad's and Wal-Mart. Everyone goes there, instead of going to the local general store downtown, or the hamburger place down the road. I think the blogs mentioned are just like that! Everyone goes there, supporting someone they only know through the Internet, when your best friend in real life has a blog with 3,000 views, not 700,000 views, or 1,500,000 views. I started checking my friend Thestral's blog for info, not Snowyclaw's. The huge blogs are great and all, but when you only have a couple thousand views, you have to work for every view. I get around 30-50 views a day. Huge bloggers get 1,000-3,000 views. I just think blog viewers should look around for unknown blogs. If anything, those blogs have more spirit and compassion going into them.
This is just what I think. I just wanted to let it out.
Please don't hate on me D:
I am in no way trying to insult Snowyclaw. She is a wonderful and kind Jammer.

Support Small Blogs!

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