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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Epic Wonders and Something Weird.......

In Epic Wonders today, they have a new companion to the Golden Glove.

The Silver Glove! Do not mistake this for a white non-member glove. Whenever you trade, you should hover your cursor over the object to get the object's name. That way  will know that this is a silver glove, not a white glove. Maybe they will have bronze gloves next. You know, because there are gold, silver, and bronze bricks?
Also, I wanted you all to see these pictures that I took.
Please ignore the comments of other persons.
This what happens- If 1-3 people sleep, 2 phantoms wil come out of the Zios statue. If more people sleep, then more and more phantoms will come out. If 50-100 people sleep, you will be taken to Phantom Village, where discountinued items go. I know, it's weird. Read more at 
Good bye my fellow Jammers.

Friday, June 29, 2012

New Items, Welcome, and more!

Welcome to the Animals of Animal Jam blog! This blog will have codes, glitches, and much more!
Well, today we have 2 new items-

An Aviator hat avaible in Jam Mart Clothing....

And a Jellyfish Lamp avaible in Sunken Treasures!
Another order of buissness is AJ blog of the month. Every month I will choose a blog that I think is- great, awesome, and helpful.
The AJ blog of the month is..... Thestral's "The Amazing Animal Jam Blog"!
You can go to this blog right here----->