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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Ok, here is my list of excuses.

So, I haven't posted in like, 3 days. My mom suddenly has a bunch of work to do, and since I had no school this week, I had to go with her and there were no computers to use and then my computer got all weirded out again, and my mom has to work on her laptop, but now my PC is working so I can finally post yay!
So, the items I missed.
A potted cactus in the Treetop Gardens,

Blah :D
And a pretty fall tree in Epic Wonders!

And a mini update!

I have mine on Edger. Wait one kneeslappin' second.... 3 STRAIGHT MONTHS OF PET MEMBER GIFTS?!?!?!?!?!
Here are da facts.


The items are all based off of real clothing. LOL.
And today's item....
Fallen Leaves in Jam Mart Furniture!

Buddy me and vote on the polls!

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