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Thursday, September 6, 2012

More Rares :(

Heyo fellow peoples who play Animal Jam! Today in the Treetop Gardens, AJHQ decided to bring another plant back. And the plant is... the Potted Plants!

Everyone Grrrrrrrrrrrr with me.
And in exactly a week, the Summer Carnival will be closing, so be sure to buy tickets/play games!
In my opinion, I highly doubt that Carnival Items will actually get really rare because you can buy tickets now!
-edgerallenpoe411 is in a very bad mood-
Good day Jammers.
Blog of the Day-
Gaming Tip of the Day- To get quick gems, I always choose one land, and play all the games there 3 times!
Here is the contest.
To celebrate 1,000 views, most of you picked for me to do a contest! The prize will be- a plain fox toy, a mini frog plushie, a phantom in a cage, and a blue moon balloon! I will send the items to you if you are member, or trade them to you if you are nonmember. Here it goes!
1. Name the biomes of at least 4 lands
2. How Many Floors did the Chamber of Knowledge originally have?
3. What were the original pets?
4. What was the first member gift?
5. Name at least 4 servers and what they mean.
Good luck! P.S. I will be putting all comments that are entries under moderation so no one can cheat.
P.P.S Since most of you have all the questions right, the contest will be 2 rounds! All winners will get a Jam-A-Gram from me with a random word on it. When I post the contest, type the code and enter

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