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Thursday, July 19, 2012


TODAY IS THE DAY! Here are the features of the update.
All of the Carnival items are 50% off. And foxes came to Jamaa!

No turtles for another two week, and there is an activity in the Art Studio in Coral Canyons where you can... paint.                                          

Where the pottery shop used to be, there is now a place where you can buy dens when you are away from your den. Also the settings allow you to check how many days you have left as a member, if your den is locked, messages from AJQH, and if you want sound or no sound. It is found next to the clock in the upper right part of the screen.

HAPPY DANCE!!!! We as Jammers contributed 50 million gems to endangered animals worldwide!!!! If we reach our goal of 100 million gems, AJHQ might brin monkeys back!

The next two pages are just repeats.
Bye fellow Jammers!!!

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