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Monday, July 2, 2012

Rare Item Mondays!!!

Today is Monday, and you know what that means!!! Rare item Mondays! Today we have... Freedom Bands!

There are only a couple of Freedom Items left. Here is ze list.
Freedom Bands- check
Freedom Hats- check (they are in the claw at the trading party)
Freedom Masks- check
Freedom Capes- check
Freedom Wings- X
And there is something else that I forgot... But that other thing has not been  a Rare Monday.
Since the 4th of July is on Wednesday, I think this is the last time they will sell the Freedom Items. Who knows. Maybe next Monday Freedom Wings will be in stores. And there will be unicorns who poop rainbows.
Bye fellow Jammers.
p.s. thought you all might like this picture. Heehee. Ah, my wittle Sparkle. All of my animals names are Sparkle. All the land animal's names end in star. All the ocean animal's names end in stone. They all begin with sparkle. And the middle part of their names always begin in s. So their initials are all S.S.S. hehe

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