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Friday, July 6, 2012


You can only enter once
If your username is not in your screen name, then tell me in the comment.
The winner will receive the prizes. If you are a member, then I will give to the prize to you. If you are  nonmember, then I will trade  it to you.
The winner gets a purple heart locket and a rare skinny lamp. The prizes will get better and better each contest.
Question 1- Name the biomes  of at least 3 lands
Question 2- Where do you get pink chests?
Question 3- What are all the members only animals?
Question 4- Which of these will never break- Coral  Canyons bridge or the ice at Mt.Shiveer?
Question 5- Name at least 2 beta items and their color if they were in a different color.
Answer all the questions correctly and you will win...

Good luck Jammers!


  1. Umm ok Here we go :)

    1. Duck pond in Jamaa Township, Savannah in Appondale, and River in Temple of Zios :)
    2. Chamber of Knowledge
    3.Elephant, Rhino, Crocodile, Octopus, Giraffe, Horse, Dolphin, and Shark :)
    4.Ice in Mt Shiveer
    5.Scary Bat wings (Purple) Beta Top Hat (Black and White witha red strap :))))
    My username is cassisuclay2! I hope I win! I'm a nonmember!

  2. Ok, I am gonna try!
    1. Desert sorta theme is Coral Canyons, Tundra is Mt. Shivver, and Crystal Sands is a sort of wetland+beach-like area
    2. Chamber of Knowledge
    3. Foxes, Elephant, rhino, dolphin, Giraffe, lion, horse, Shark, crocodile, octopus
    4. Both even though I worked so hard to break them :*(
    5. Skullies and beta tiaras, green with purple gem and purple with red gem
    I hope I win and I <3 your blog by the way.
    -Dance287 I am a nonmember by the way.

    1. Sorry! The contest ended a while ago. You are correct, but I'm afraid I don't have the prizes anymore. But maybe next time I have a contest you can enter!


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