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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Holiday Update No.2!

Hey Jammers! Today we have a cool update! Let's get started with the new items!
The daily gift is an exciting winter window!

And the store items are pretty cool.
You have reindeer antlers,

And a Stocking!

And now let us delve into the riches of this update!
The front page,

And a couple of useful reminders from last update!

And there is a cool new feature in Tierny's Aquarium, even though I don't really get it.

I think it must be a video showing where she works!!!!! I so smart.
And I think you can see out of an underwater camera.
And there is a bit of news about how 2012 was such a great year. It sure was for me! I have made tons of new friends, I have started drawing pretty well, my math grade is going nowhere but up, and I am getting to be a better horse back rider!
But back on the subject, AJHQ has some big plans for 2013!

And yet another useful reminder.

And finally, there is a good description of Sir Gilbert (tiger alpha) in the Daily Explorer.

And closing up, the daily gems-

Happy Howlidays!

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