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Friday, August 31, 2012

Some News

Alrightie everyone! Hello, hello, hello! edgerallenpoe here! Yestarday, Expert30484 left a comment with some constructive critism. He said that he really liked my blog, but my pictures and text were a lot like Snowyclaw's. So I will be changing that! For the pictures, my computer won't let me take good screen shots so I have to use her pictures. And lately, the hours of sleep that I am getting is decreasing, so I am waking up late and needing to make a quick post, so I guess I was unknowingly copying Snowyclaw's text. However, this will be changing. Animals of Animal Jam will change!!!
Also, the other day I found the BEST lil' thing on scamming. It was from this blog that I stumbled upon... this blog is actually todays blog of the day!
Trick No.1- The Sending Scam. If someone says something like "send me glove and I send you rare" do not DO NOT do it. Instead do the -coughcough trading system coughcough-
Trick No.2- The Pilllow/Paw Plot- Say someone says "come to my den and change the color of ypur glove!" If you go to their den, there should be a pillow sitting innocently at the bottom left of their den. The scammer willask you to click the pillow rapidly. Then they will ask, oh say, a welcome mat for your glove. The pillow was placed exactly were the accept button is. Bam.
Trick No.3- Decline Trade Deception- A person will go around saying I decline all trades, and they have bad stuff on trade. They will come up to you and say I decline all trades, try me! This is a bit of a "Durrrrrrrrrrrrr" scam, meaning the scamme should know that most Jammers know better...
Trick No.4- The Broken Trade Blackmail: Some Jammers say, "I'll trade rares for rares but my trade doesn't work please send me the rares and I will send you mine!" There are 2 parts to this. 1. They could be telling the truth, but they shouldn't be asking to send. There are some glitches where they're yes button doesn't work, or they can't click. 2. They will attempt to scam. You will feel bad for them and you will send your rares. They leave.
Trick No.5- The Contest Cheat: You're walking in Jamaa, when you see somebody say, "Send me the BEST rare and whoever sends the best will get my [rare item]! You decide to send a rare and see if you win. You keep asking after 10 minutes, "When will you announce the winner?" Well have I got new for you guys. No winner at all. Nada. Zip. Zero. Durrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Scam.
Trick No.6- The Try-On Trick Picture this: You're wearing non member bat wings. Then a friend comes up to you and asks, "Hey, can I try your bat wings on?" Since they are your friend, you send your bat wings or trade them to her/him for their necklace. They say, "Thanks! I'll trade you back! Oops! GTG! I'll give them to you tomorrow!" They will leave and take you off their buddy list.
This is a really stupid thing that people say to try and scam, because why would you need to TRY IT ON? You can already see them on another animal that is the same as you! Durrrrrrrrrrrrrr Scam.

Trick No. 7- The Glitch Gyp Picture this: You're a person who LOVES glitches. You see somebody in Jamaa Township saying, "Come to my den/Follow me to see an awesome glitch!" You, of course, go to their den, or follow them. They will say, "Okay, I need 2 [Worn blankets] for this glitch. Send/trade it to me, then I'll show you, then I'll send/trade you back. You send or trade them a worn blanket you have. They will leave with your worn blanket. HOW DO YOU NEED AN ITEM FOR A GLITCH????? OTHER THEN A DEN?????
Trick No.8- The Cool Catastrophe You see somebody in Jamaa Township. They are shouting out, "I will trade a glove for non member bat wings!" Ok, this doesn't sound like a very good trade, and nobody does it. Then they say, "If you don't send or trade me non member bat wings then you aren't cool you are a loser!" It's not you who are the loser, it's probably them acting like one. Just because you don't want to do their lousy trade, doesn't mean you aren't cool!
Trick No.9-  The Flash Trade Fooler Okay, here is something I did a long time ago, when non member gloves were very very very rare.
I had a cream colored one, and this girl wanted to trade it for her purple one. I said no, and she got really angry at me, so to get back at her, I kept flash trading my cream glove for her purple one to make her angrier. The last time I did it, I pressed the "Cancel" button at the wrong time, and it wouldn't cancel out. She accepted the trade, and I was stuck with a measly purple glove.
So the point here is that a person will ask to flash trade your rare for theirs. You do it and quickly press cancel, but something will go wrong so it won't cancel. Then the person will accept the trade.

Trick No.10- The Lion Code Lure This scam has been going on for a while, probably since the membership cards have come out.
Most Jammers want a membership card that comes with a lion. Some clever but pathetic scammers have figured that out.
A scammer will say something like, "Send me your rares and I will give you a lion code!"
A smarter scammer will say, "Here is the first half of the lion code: [a6xc90r53]" (Now I'm sure a bunch of you will go try it out, but sorry, it's fake.)
Then they'll say: "Now send me a rare and I'll send you a Jam-A-Gram telling you where to go to meet me so I can give you the second half of the code." A Jammer would send them a rare, and wait for a Jam-A-Gram. They might get one, and then go to that place. The Scammer will never ever ever ever infinity show up.

Trick No.11- The Bet Bribe:Jammers have been wanting to "bet" with other Jammers for their rare items.
They'll say something like, "I'll bet that I can [go make 10 friends in 5 seconds], and if I win, you have to give me your Top Hat." The scammer might cheat on their bet, or do something so you have to give them a rare. If you didn't "pay up", then they might go around saying you scammed something of theirs.
Trick No.12-  The Feature Forgery: One of my friends was recently "cheated" by her friend.
But for an example, a Jammer might say, "I have an awesome Legendary glove. I'll trade you it for you're non member bat wings." The other might say, "Okay!" They trade, and then the other Jammer finds out it's a plain old Legendary Glove. This might occur for new players. KNOW YOUR ITEMS
Trick No.13- The Double-Dealing Deceit: Okay, this scam has happened frequently. You might have, for example, a Legendary Glove that is very special to you and you wouldn't trade it for anything. I scammer would come up to you and say, "You love that item, right? I can double it for you! All you have to do is send it to me, and I'll send it and a copy of the item back!" Now the Jammer will send him the rare, and the scammer will leave with it.
Trick No.14- The Fake Friendship- This one can be very tricky, and it totally fooled me on my second month of first playing Animal Jam.
You'll find a best friend, who might gain your trust, which could actually take a while, so they could be mysteriously plotting against you for 5 months and then spring their trap. But don't worry, I'm not like that.
Anyways, let's say your friend finally gets you to give them your Legendary Glove because "You can trust me, right?" Wrong. Don't do this. Okay, this might sound weird coming from me, which is ironic, but you shouldn't trust anyone online. You can trust me, but if you choose not to, fine with me. Just don't trust the scammer!
Trick No. 15-  The "You Scammed" Swindle- Sometimes people don't try to scam directly, so they'll scam indirectly, or without actually saying something that is obvious for scamming people. They might say, as it happened to me, "I really want a purple glove." I was bored and I still had 2 purple gloves, so I thought "Why not?" and sent a glove for them. I didn't care if I didn't get anything in return, just as long as they would stop complaining for a glove. Here's the stupid dumb part: They said, "Hey thanks for the glove!" Which as everybody knows, means they received the glove. Then they automatically said, "Hey I didn't get the glove! You scammer! Report Feelers she scammed me!" You know how ridiculous this is?!?!?! They even said so themselves: "Hey thanks for the glove!" Which means THEY GOT THE GLOVE. I'm going to go before I throw a dumptruck out of a winder now.
Trick No.16- The Rainbow Rip-Off- Okay, so nowadays, some Jammers have been trusting their buddies to take their rares, and try to get a different color of that same rare. This may seem like a good idea for some Jammers, but it actually isn't. What a buddy would do is say, "I really can't get a [Blue Legendary Glove]. Can you get one for me?" Then the other buddy would say, "Sure, just give me your regular [Legendary Glove]. Thanks! I'll get you one as soon as I can!" This buddy might just take it and keep it forever and just keep saying, "I'm still trying". Don't do this!
Trick No. 17- The AJHQ Artifice (credits to papad91278) Someone will say, "SEND ME RARES OR I BAN YOU OR TAKE YOUR MEMBERSHIP,I WORK FOR AJ HQ!", or something like that. Now, you DON'T send them something, guess what: YOU STILL HAVE ACTIVE ACCOUNT AND IF YOU HAVE IT YOU STILL HAVE YOUR MEMBERSHIP! If they did work for HQ, why would they ask for your rares? Known scammer of this scam: jammaHQ, who is a non member. You can tell it's fake because they spelled Jamaa wrong.
Hmmmmm... I can't find the new item.... it's probably at the monkey party!
Bye Guys!


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  1. Wow, you really wrote a lots of text. I must say... I LOVE IT! :D Well done Ed, you really did a great job and I hope that it will continue to be like that.


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